Sunday, November 29, 2009

Antwerp Antiques night

Friday was a busy day for me several drinks to attend at the office. And the same evening i had to go to Antwerp to pay a visit to those wonderful antique shops. A good friend picked me up near my office and we were to Antwerp. The weather is still the same since a while now, very rainy. But we arrived there off course. To our stupefaction some of the shops we're closed. The strange thing is that after so many years they changed the hours. We did some antique dealers who stayed open later. So we saw some gorgeous things, i just have pictures of M. Bascourt Antiques. Who was so kind to give us a tour in his nice shop.

Axel Pairon wonderful shop was also still open, and of course the selection was again unique. The painted furniture was gorgeous and i was nailed to the floor by the pictures of Massimo Listri.

Herwig Simons was also one of the shops that was still open and very nice. His selection was also very interesting, there were some thing I would have love for my place. Enjoy the pictures, it's not the same as in real but still.

The evening was shorter than planned, but it was a nice moment, because i had a nice dinner after all that with a good friend (Thanks Eric).
And on top i received two nice agenda's with wonderful pictures so i can enjoy 2010 with antique pictures from Antwerp

Antiquairs Antwerp

Good weekend!!!


Trouvais said...

Hi David. The living room pictures are them looking "in process" as if antiques were just being moved about and placed, drapery looks like paint cloths..mirror has beautiful patina, as well as the gorgeous walls. Love those shots. Thank you! Trish

Anci said...

It sounds like a really nice evening ! I hope that you will have a nice week too !


Anonymous said...

I miss the antique stores in Antwerp AND Antwerp so much, we left last New Years Eve to come live here in Tokyo, so not quite the same!!!! Thank you for taking me down memory lane.

Angela x

Greet said...

Great post! It is so nice if you are able to see all of the pieces in real!!!
One of my favorite dealers is Herwig Simons!
He always has exquisite pieces!
Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

I love the owl in the cupboard...and I love you...M said...

Hi Trish,

I also fell in love with the pictures, i like room's that are in process especially old houses, it's like something happened.

David said...

Hi Anci,

It was, it was. Still working on the week ;-)
Hope yours will be good also

David said...

Angela, it's a pleasure to give you this gift, will make surely other pictures of Antwerp when i pass there :-)

David said...

Hello Greet,

Herwig is also one of my favorites. But you're right in real is much better.

David said...

Anonymous M.

Thanks for the compliment, if you want send me an email :-)



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