Thursday, November 12, 2009

Park of the small Sablon

"The Sablon" isn't far from my place and it's a wonderful place to do some shopping or to just eat something. It's really a place when you can also "eat with your eyes". Everywhere there are antique shops. But at the end of it there is a fantastic little park. The ironwork is extremely detailed. It's the work of Henri Beyaert, my favorite architect of the 19th century Brussels. Here are some pictures, hope you all like it.


Unknown said...

Definitely one of the most charming corners of central Brussels :)

Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi David,
It is another "view" of the Sablon place as that of the antiques dealers streets!

Greet said...

Yes, indeed Benny, and there are more as one of them. But i don't have to tell you that ;-)


David said...

Hi Greet,

I love that park, that detail, the green, it's just perfect thank God for all those little parks in Brussels :-)


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