Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dinner on plates with a provenance.

Sunday I had a charming dinner that lasted till midnight. Didn't took pictures we were with seven at the table. Eating at my friend Denis place is always fantastic, the rooms are then only lighted by candlelight. Here are some pictures so you can imagine the atmosphere. The plates and the glasses come from the Tuileries in Paris, I think not a lot of people can say that eat from that kind of plates ;-) He has a whole set, but on the pictures the table was only set for two people.
In the future I will make pictures when the table is set for 10 or more.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Colonne du Congrès

Here I present one of the many brussels little pearls. It has been build to remember the constitution of Belgium and is now used as the rest place of the unknown soldier.
Beside all this, it's just a beautiful piece of architecture of 50 meters high from Poelaert, a big brussels architect of the 19th century.

Friday, December 25, 2009

L'aquila under the snow

Yesterday I saw a very nice slide show in the New York Post. Off course most of the times there are always beautiful, but this time my attention was more taken than usual.
Don't have to tell the story everybody heard about the earthquakes in Italy, well see the results and the rebuilding.

Merry Christmas to Everybody!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow on the Botanique

In belgium it's not automatically a white christmas, sometimes we have no snow at all, but this week we had already some good one. Thursday will I was working it started, we couldn't see the other buildings so strong it was. We had to go to another building for work, and it was a kind of an expedition. The snow is staying, and they weather predictions are telling us that we will have a white christmas maybe. I think that would be very nice. Today I went one of the two René Pechère parks close to my office. So know i can show you some picture of Pechère art under the snow.
It's called the park of the "Botanique". In the past the city stopped there, it were the botanical gardens of the city, were all the rare and exotic plant were kept. In the seventies there was a plan to put a building there, but the citizens protested so much that the project never started. Thank God, because I can swear this is the most wonderful place in the summer, or even all year around.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did today.

Thats the building i work in :-)

Good weekend, and happy holidays!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Not much time today, but just enough to do quickly a post :-)
The following pictures are of a new item in my collection. Last saturday I bought a nice old chair. Will have to redo the textile, but thats the only thing, the wood is in perfect condition.
Hope you like it!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This architect company is working already three generations, since 1911. They do several sorts of projects, new constructions, renovation, conservation, ...
One thing is sure they have very good taste in restoring old buildings or in building new ones.

You can check their portfolio on their website. Off course i took some of their renovation projects, they are so beautiful.

Street side

Garden side

Street side

Garden side, very minimalistic


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