Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alex Van De Walle

I discovered this wonderful architect years ago when i saw a reportage about his home in the Rue de Flandre in Brussels. It's a nice 18th century house, a large facade, but only one room deep, there are 4 levels. I have no pictures of this place, will try to find them. But i have pictures of his new house. One of the soooooooo many nice houses in Brussel. It's a wonderfull place where his personal touch is very visible, it's even a pleasure to see that most of the furniture moved with him to his new place.
Here are the pic's, enjoy them like i do!!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you! I'm going off to the paint store and needed the inspiration. Trish

the.neo.lifestyle said...

You're welcome Trish, i love when my post's help people out ;-)



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