Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vincent Darré

Thank God for The Selby i was thinking during my view through the pictures. I have a very classic apartment with lots of antiques, but i can say, that I am very eclectic. Love everything that is from good quality. I have a respect for Art Deco, Sixties and so on, as long as it is nicely done. That's the most important!!!!
Something that is nicely done is the apartment of Vincent Darreéin Paris. What do i have to say, I know not everybody will love it. But I found it very well presented, and a wonderful collection of objects.

Enjoy it as i do :-)


Greet said...

Strange, mysterious but wonderful!


le style et la matière said...

Love all his things - and the great names he gives to objects in his Palais Royal shop! said...

Hi Greet,

yes indeed a special mix

David said...

Le style et la matière,

Indeed it's wonderful;-)



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