Sunday, November 29, 2009

Antwerp Antiques night

Friday was a busy day for me several drinks to attend at the office. And the same evening i had to go to Antwerp to pay a visit to those wonderful antique shops. A good friend picked me up near my office and we were to Antwerp. The weather is still the same since a while now, very rainy. But we arrived there off course. To our stupefaction some of the shops we're closed. The strange thing is that after so many years they changed the hours. We did some antique dealers who stayed open later. So we saw some gorgeous things, i just have pictures of M. Bascourt Antiques. Who was so kind to give us a tour in his nice shop.

Axel Pairon wonderful shop was also still open, and of course the selection was again unique. The painted furniture was gorgeous and i was nailed to the floor by the pictures of Massimo Listri.

Herwig Simons was also one of the shops that was still open and very nice. His selection was also very interesting, there were some thing I would have love for my place. Enjoy the pictures, it's not the same as in real but still.

The evening was shorter than planned, but it was a nice moment, because i had a nice dinner after all that with a good friend (Thanks Eric).
And on top i received two nice agenda's with wonderful pictures so i can enjoy 2010 with antique pictures from Antwerp

Antiquairs Antwerp

Good weekend!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alex Papachristidis

I saw already some projects of this designer and i always love it. Ok, my place doesn't look like his. We don't share the same taste in textiles or colors. But i found it so daring to do it that way, and I admire people who dare. He has also a very fine eye for wonderful objects. His apartment is for me more a "Cabinet de Curiosites". To be honest i could move a truck of objects to my place, i am jealous of his wonderful collection :-). Enough of my opinion here, let's enjoy the pictures.

Thanks to the New York Social Diary and off course their photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ancient French Architecture

Don't we all love it? I am sure I do :-) Nobody will say no to a nice French stone mansion or even a "hotel" in Paris. Like we didn't won the lottery yesterday let us dream a bit.
A wile ago i found these beauty's in an Antique shop in Antwerp.
One is a frame in my living room and all the other are well put away in a big map. One day when i will have more room and more wall space i will frame them all.

Hope you like them!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A nice gift

Today i received my silver candleholders from Christofle. Didn't had a lot of time to post since Monday, but i have it very busy this week. Will do better my best during the week ;-)
So here are the pictures. I will use them for dinner parties or on my living table under hurricane lamps.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vincent Darré

Thank God for The Selby i was thinking during my view through the pictures. I have a very classic apartment with lots of antiques, but i can say, that I am very eclectic. Love everything that is from good quality. I have a respect for Art Deco, Sixties and so on, as long as it is nicely done. That's the most important!!!!
Something that is nicely done is the apartment of Vincent Darreéin Paris. What do i have to say, I know not everybody will love it. But I found it very well presented, and a wonderful collection of objects.

Enjoy it as i do :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here are some of the aspects why I really love antiques. The point is that, oke you buy something that has history, or a past. You're also in one way recycling something, because you re-using it. And you always give it back his value, because you restyle it or because you just give it a very nice place in your live or house.
Like you know I am always on the hunt for those kind of objects or furniture.

Like Valentino said " It's not my fault I like beauty". Well for me it's more " I like trash, I will turn it in something nice".
I love DIY challenges, so here is one of my projects I am finishing. It's an old little table with compartments. A really piece of woman furniture, but soooo practical. The pictures speak for them selfs. I hope you like the transformation.

The old version, very damaged. ( it had something, but it was really in a very bad state )

The new version.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Yep, I got one again, thats a good sign I suppose. No, serious getting an award is nice, but I can honestly say all the little mails I receive are as valuable to my heart as any other award. How some people write such nice things and idea's. I am always excited to open my mailbox to see what i got during the night or during the day.

Greet is always a nice colleague blogger, and i thank her personally for this nomination.

So I will tell you 10 things you don't know about me.

1. I have a degree in Interior Designer but work in a bank.

2. My colleagues are the best, it's always fun at the office. Me doing gymnastics here at the office.

3. Brussels is my home. It's nice to be alone in the city in the early morning.

4. I had gray hair during a while this year.

5. Friends are the people who share our lives.

6. Black is my first color, it's so chic. I put it every were.

7. Public transport is perfect, hate car driving.

8. Shopping is like a drug, finding treasures even better.

9. Eating out with people is the best activity there is.

10. Chocolate, i buy at least every month a box of fine chocolates.

I hope you all discovered a bit more about me.

Thank you ;-)


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