Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is the second time i have to say thanks :-)

But don't worry, i like to do this, especially because everybody is so nice. First an article by Greet from Belgian Pearls and now a Kreative Blogger Award given by Trish from Trouvais.
Well last times i said a billion times thanks what can i say more :-) the same i suppose.
But those two lady's deserve every thank you from me because its always a nice moment when i visit there blogs.

I am asked to tell 7 things that you don't know yet about me. And i also have to nominate 7 other blogs for the Kreative Blogger Award
So let start about me:

1. I really like to travel and to discover different places.

This are pictures of my trip last new year to Goteborg in Sweden. It was a wonderful week. But as you can see on the last picture waiting at the airport because we're blocked by the snow isn't my favourite thing, or that of my friends.

2. Books, some say i am addicted to books. But it's not my fault, they make me dream, think, imagine and do things. It's like food for the brains.
So for me it's a medicine :-)

3. I like imperfections, patina, used furniture, etc... Everything that has a past, it's very difficult for me to buy something brand new. But there are enough gorgeous ancient object over the world.
I melt especially for porcelain and faience.

4. Another addiction of me is chairs, there in not one ancient model of chairs i don't like, English, French, Swedish, even Art-deco, i love them all, a chair i so beautifull, i have to admit, i have 16 chairs for the moment in my apartment, some are so fragile it's better to only use them to put clothes on because otherwise :-)

5. Green and flowers in general, it's not because in the centre of busy Brussels that i don't need it. There is always some of it in the apartment. They give me their energy.

6. Paris another of my sin's, i go as much i can go, but with the Thalyss train it's only 1h20 minutes from the station next to my door so, i am sure everybody would that if they lived so close. It's a wonderful atmosphere, maybe one day i will live there.

7. Despite i live in the center of the city, and to be honest i love it. I dream sometimes, lets say a lot of a nice place in the countryside. A place were it would be nice to relax, but also to have parties with good friends, and place for them to sleep over or to stay a couple of days.
Who knows in the future.

Thanks again to Trish, Greet, Little Augury and all the people who follow me ;-)


Greet Lefèvre said...

It is really a very nice post of you! I love your taste of chairs! They look so gorgeous! The love of chairs we really have in common!
And your appartment looks soooo coooosy!!! I am so glad to learn to know you abit better now!
Have a wonderful day!


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Great list, Yes to books-my therapy, Yes to chairs & Yes to a country house. la said...


thanks for the compliments, it's too much!!

i was also happy to learn more about you, and i was already suspecting, you liked chairs, you have also nice one's at your place.
have a wonderful day

David said...

Little Augury,

Thanks again ;-)


Unknown said...

Your life and views of world is ideal. Books are food for the brain, but of late for me they are poison. Librarians and those like-minded are killing me.

I like that you are able to take train near you to travel to Paris. So very easy it seems. I used to be a lover of Quebec and Montreal (all of Canada) I am sorry I never thought to move there. They are so cleanly healthy. Stay happy in Belgium where you are. I like all things green as well. Thank you for sharing your life/for opening the door.


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