Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ancient French Architecture

Don't we all love it? I am sure I do :-) Nobody will say no to a nice French stone mansion or even a "hotel" in Paris. Like we didn't won the lottery yesterday let us dream a bit.
A wile ago i found these beauty's in an Antique shop in Antwerp.
One is a frame in my living room and all the other are well put away in a big map. One day when i will have more room and more wall space i will frame them all.

Hope you like them!!!


Grant K. Gibson said...

LOVE them!

Greet Lefèvre said...

Beautiful David! I have a lot of these drawings from my father! He used them as examples of the LXV, LXVI styled rooms he had to draw for his clients.

Greet said...

Hi Grant,

I am glad you like them :-)
Will post my others also one day.

David said...

Hi Greet,

I was already supposing that also. They are really a source of inspiration, every time i take them out i feel good :-)


Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Hi Neo - I, too, love beauty. What we perceive as beauty is actually quite a defined balance of mathematical proportions which, surprisingly, are built into nature. As a person trained in the biological sciences, who loves great architecture and interior design, I am fascinated by this combination of science and beauty. The Greeks used the "Golden Rectangle" in their buildings - the Parthenon being one famous example. The correctly proportioned Palladian window is always a golden rectangle topped with a half circle. Leonardo Da Vinci described the perfect human body proportions in his famous body outlined by a circle. The spiral of a nautilus shell is exactly the same spiral found in the distribution of seeds in a sunflower. It is also the most beautiful curve for staircases. For an entertaining explanation of these ideas, watch the educational film from Walt Disney called "Donald in Mathemagic Land". It actually won an Academy Award!


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