Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update of my place

Like today i was in the mood for taken pictures of my place, i made some. It's good for my own archive, because it always change so much, after one year i don't recognize it.
So here are some shot's, it's not a big job, but i like to share and to see other people's places!!!

My hallway, small but nice

View of my living room and one of my two desk's.

My second desk.

My royal copenhagen, the green one's


Greet said...

I love your place! Your entry hall is so beautiful, so elegant! I love the two vases on that console table! And your Copenhagen porcelain I wish I could have it in my living room!!
You should start a little business of beautiful pieces, a very nice cosy interior design shop!!

PS Profiteer van de mooie dag vandaag! Wij gaan een natuurwandeling maken.

Anci said...

It's wonderful ! You have many lovely things.


decor muse said...

David - Your apartment is gorgeous. How have you found living with the darker color walls, particularly in the day. I would love to see more of your inspirational home.

I particularly like your classical elegant style mixed with a touch of the modern (black and white art). Very,very cool!

Denise said...

Hi Greet,

Thanks for the compliments. Yes it's through i can't resist finding objects, wait when you will see my post next week about new items.
I suppose one day i will have to much, so i will have to start a shop. My francophones friends call me the potjes-man ;-)

PS: ik ben zeker dat je mooie plekjes kent, ik ben op de koffie gegaan bij vrienden en meubels gepatineerd. said...

Hello Anci,

Thanks, well i never stop looking for new items ;-)

David said...


Thanks for the compliment.
Well i lived one year in a total white apartment, and then i started to do every room by once. My place is extremely sunny during the day. So i can say that it's never dark, and in the evening i like a real dark room. with candlelight the room becomes even better.

As for my style, i like everything that is from good quality, so there is always some modern things around :-)

As for pictures of my apartment, there are some in other posts. And will certainly add more with time ;-)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I love the view of your living room through the mirror. That always lends a different perspective -don't you think? A new way of seeing the same old place. Especially love your wooden settee! Beautiful said...


I agree, but i also love mirrors, always giving you light back and other perspectives. Thanks for the compliment :-)



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