Monday, September 28, 2009

Wrong desk picture

Naughty me forgot to take a pictures of my flowers at my desk, first thing today tomorrow at the office.
But today to make it good i will post a picture of one of my two desks at home. Its the one in the living room. Those are the things i see when  do my paperwork.  
A 17th century engraving of Madame Lafayette, she has such a nice pose, it make me dream away.
And two Royal Copenhagen crackled porcelains for Denemark. They are from 1960, but the color is such a live. 
Hope you will enjoy it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend is already to the end.

What a weekend, a lot to do. So i hadn't the courage to blog since friday. Also because i was away and busy.
But Sunday is flower day, so here are some pictures of the green i bought today. The apartment smells fresh thanks to the plants.
I bought also some with/green roses my favourites for on my desk at work. Will post a picture of them tomorrow in situ.

Here is also a picture of the hydrangea's on my livingroom table. A gift from a collegue - friend, but i like how the the morning light is making them wonderfull.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfect country house style

Like i knew the pictures of my little apartment will not be for this week. Too busy today, i don't like to use the word "too". But in this case i have to, lunch in the afternoon, and now one again, so i have to run away in a couple of minutes. But i have to post an article today. 
When i was reading my blog list my eye felt on a very nice article. It's was the one of today on It's called Whitewashed beauty and i don't think it has stolen it's name it's just fantastic, i plan to have one day a country house like that. Those pictures are just fantastic.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A promise kept

Well i think i kept my promise from yesterday. Oke, its not a full photoshoot. But what do you want the evenings are coming quicker dark and i worked later today. Not a very fantastic combination t get very nice pictures.
So today i just took some pictures of a corner next to my bed.
Those are some of the things i see when i wake up , and i can say that i am happy with them.
The chair is a Regency Liege chair, in original state. The mirror is a collage of little old pieces of mirror, one of my creations. I use it to hide de heating system, that is horrible. A mahogany french commode with a onyx tablet. On the wall you see a piece of ancient chinese textile stretch on a wooden frame. And on the commode you can see an old french medici urn, with some very nice hortensia's i received from a good collegue of mine at work. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finding my apartment back

After all those days of work, i am starting to see result. This evening i didn't had a lot of time to take pictures and now the light isn't great anymore, but luckely i took one earlier. So i can share one picture with you. It's my last new acquisition, a big cupboard in mahogany. I hope you will all find it nice. Tomorrow i will take more pictures of the rest.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More workout

My god, after a day of office work, i am again working in my apartment.
sometimes i angry on myself, why did i bought this new piece of furniture?
The observation is that it's always nicer, but also more heavy than the one before.
So today i will go very late to bed, i was planning to take pictures, but there are pieces of furniture just everywhere, my bed is the only thing that is on his place.
So like i am totally exhausted, i take a picture out of my bed.
Thats luxury for me today.

Will post this week with some nice shots of my "new" interior.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Work out

Yes, today i worked out all day i think.
Woke u very early to help a friend empty parts of an apartment of his ant. Moving with big pieces of furniture.
Seeing and working with furniture, is always nice, and its good for the muscles.
Well i think i will feel it tomorrow, worked a lot. But what a day, i bought from him two huge louis philipe cupboard, they are in my hallway, need some restoration. Two persian rugs, some old frames (will take some pics another time) and a little bench. Here are two pictures of it, i need to make a cover for the top because it doesn't blend in with my interior otherwise. But was a delicate piece, the detailing is stunning. The last time i saw so much details was the Jacob furniture in the bedroom of Marie Antoinette at Petit Trianon. Off course mine isn't Jacob, but still i am very happy with it, because i will not tell the price. But you don't get an ikea chair for that price ;-)

Find of friday!!!!

Yesterday i didn't post an article because i had a dinner with a friend.  And off course we talked also about interior design. Once people know you studied that topic, they tell you all their problems. And off course we have to help him, it's like interior designers without borders.
He just inherited a fantastic swedish great desk, i helped him with finding a place in his apartment, thats not a big problem, because its very minimalistic. But mininmalism with antiques are great.
So like i had not a real article, i will share with you my discovery of the day. The last edition of the House section in the New York Social diary is again fantastic. The apartment of  designer Garrow Kedigian.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


If i counted the black paint pot's i already bought in my young live, i shall need to count much more than just on my two hands.
Some friends say i always want to use black every were. It's not that i paint everything, but i found it a very chique color. Sometimes with some black an item get's sophisticated.
Here are some pics of my detailing with black. Off course you have to mix it with other colors and textures to make it nicer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to choose???

It will be almost a week that my last acquisition is back to my apartment after restoration.
But now i have big problem i don't know where to put it. It will sound strange but i never buy objects or furniture with a goal, they always naturally blend in. Sometimes it just takes time, and some decisions.
In this case i have two possibility's. The two pictures is how it can be, but i didn't choose yet.

How it is for the moment + detail

And this is the other option

Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini

Those two masters were discovered by me accidentally this morning, what charming pictures.
Not everybody's tastes, but it's fantastic

Monday, September 14, 2009


I am addicted to books, i buy them all the time. A day without a book in my hands, is a lost day.
At my last count, i had 456 books in my apartment, but i think that number isn't correct anymore.
But every time when i invite somebody over, they have always something very interesting to read, it's true that my book selection is most of the time about art - antiques or interiors. But everybody find what he wants.
Off course i need to be original as for the storage of my books, but i like to have books around me, love the idea of a library, a room dedicated to books. But i don't have the room for it :-)
Here are some pics of my books around my place.

Here is also a picture of a very close person to me. It's a view of how i arranged his books in his apartment.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, bargain day

It's the day we're normally we have a headache from saterday. But it's not a reason to stay in bed all day. It would be a total waste. Because sunday there is the sunday market, a market with all sorts of food, spices, plants, vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, animals. Name it and its there.
I go always for fruit and vegetables, you can't have them cheaper than there, and the wonderfull flowers.
I bought nice green roses today for at home and for on my desk at the office. This little bouquet of 60 flowers costed me 10 euro, a nice deal.
No i will enjoy these flowers for more than a week, at home and at work.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A promise is a promise!!!

As promised yesterday here are some pictures of me new apartment, it's still the same. But i changed the color and off course some pieces of furniture changed also. I have enough in stock to change it all year round, and like i love some changments. 
I hope everybody like it, i do. And if not tell me and i will listen to your opinion. Like they say in french "only the stupid people never change of mind"

Friday, September 11, 2009

old pic's of my place

What a day, i have a cold and i am sleeping all the time.
But i promised to blog everyday from now on, so here i am loading some of my old pictures of my living room. I still live in it, i love my apartment too much for leaving it, but i changed some furniture and the color on the walls have also already changed, will place a picture tomorrow of the new color.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

n°5699 in my collection

When i invite people they don't know what is new in my appartment or what has been there since a while.
I am just to chance all the time, for me it's just trying to make it better. For me it will never be finished, and interior change with its owner.
And like i am always on the hunt for nice objects or furniture.
My last big catch is an 19th century reproduction of one of my favourite French 18th century portraitist MauriceQuentin De La Tour.their are some wonderfull pastel of him in the "Musée Cognacq-Jay" in Paris.

It's a pastel on paper, human-size it's like Rousseau is behind a frame looking at us. The frame is not original, i bought one separate and restored it, gilded it and patinated it.
The result is not bad i think, what do you think!!!

Jesus is everywhere

A very good friend of mine collects Maria statues. So always know what she gets from us for Birthdays, New Years and so on.
But one sunday morning when we were walking to the South Market (big fresh market near my place, well known in Brussels)
We came across a truck giving statues of Jesus and Maria away. We were with 5 persons and we all took one with us, it was a whole plan, because those statues way's a lot.

But everyone has one, at home, so we're all blessed by somebody above us. I also add a picture of one i pimped a bit a while ago, it's also a Jesus i found on " the vosseplein" for free, nobody wanted it.


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