Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Luckely i don't have to do this like real news, three times a day, otherwise my apartment on the thirth floor would find it self on the ground floor because it would collapse of the weight. Greet of "Belgian Pearls" told me i should open a shop. I have to say that i would love to do that one day. But that day hasn't come yet. So in the mean time the only customer is me. But i don't complain, love to hunt for little treasures.
Here are the pictures of the items of the week.

A nice real life size head of a woman, 1944

A study representation, arms, leg's and textile

An old picture of a lifestyle magazine, doesn't everybody look great in this fantastic interior?

Hope you like them :-)


Greet said...

Do you know from who is the study sketch? It looks just wonderful!

PS Heb je je mail gekregen waarin ik vertelde dat je door mij (op één van mijn voorgaande posten) getagd bent?

little augury said...

absolutely Love them all! la

the.neo.lifestyle said...


Don't know from who the study is, opened already the frame to check it's condition. It's a fragile kind of paper. But no signature, but i just like it for me it's a masterpiece even without a name ;-)
Especially i found it not very far of my place.

PS: heb de mail gekregen, ga morgen post maken, deze week heel druk en moet nog foto's gaan trekken :-s

the.neo.lifestyle said...

Little Augury,

Thanks for the compliment. I am really crazy about the woman's head. She has such an expression.

I think i will take study sketch to my office so i can look at something nice.


Emmas utsikt said...

Hi there.

This is my first visit to your place, and I like what I see. I´ll be back soon to check out more.

Love all the inpirationpics.


Anci said...

I like to see what you have found ! The idea of a shop isn't bad :)


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Emma, you're always welcome.


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Anci,

Well one day a shop ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful finds! And I'm glad to have discovered your blog today.

I can tell it will become a daily, dutiful read for me.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

What a great find! I too have to be careful not to over-crowd my small city apartment!

the.neo.lifestyle said...


Thanks, i hope i will get people inspired :-)


the.neo.lifestyle said...


Well I am always careful, but when i have too much i just sell on or give it away. And it's better to replace something of nicer quality after a while :-)



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