Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost world

First of November is synonymous with remembering the love ones we lost. In general i don't need to go the cemetery to remember family. I think of them during the year or when i do something they would also do, and not specially that day. Also the fact that cemetery's are full of wonderful stone, which is used to make horrible kitsch tombstones. The nice modern/new tombstones are very rare in general. In Brussel there are several cemetery's, but one of my favourite ones is the one in Dieweg. This cemetery is a piece of art, it's not enormous, and there are no new tombstone, everything is very ancient. There is a feeling of "a lost world". I passed today 3 hours, and i can see that i didn't felt alone in a strange way.

This is art, not mass production!!!

Tomb of a married couple

Ceramic flowers, there since 1889 and still are nice.

An Art nouveau masterpiece

I went down there, and the wall were full of white marble with names, the floor was a marble mosaic, sadly the pictures i took, didn't worked out.

When nature takes over

Don't need words

Last time i looked back before leaving the cemetery, a moment not to forget.
I hope you all enjoyed it as much i did.

See you on my next adventure.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chair addiction!!!!!

Greet made a wonderful post about chairs last week. I am sure a lot of bloggers where drooling at there screen. I was anyway!!!! Acceptation of having a problem is the first step. So that part is done know. But i can frankly say it doesn't affect my health at all :-)
I just love chairs, and will always collect them.
My last treasure is just fantastic. Here are some picture, so i can share this with you.

Hopefully you all like it a lot.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Axel Vervoordt

Today i am not at home, but that's not a reason to not share something with you.
Like you suspected by the title, you now the theme will be about our Axel Vervoordt.
Well i suppose some are like me and can't have enough of this castle and his style in general.
So here is something better than a book, here is a video about a visit to the castle.

Hope you enjoy it.

Katinka de Montal

Like i received my gilded mirror back i was thinking today to the apartment of Katinka de Montal in Paris.
It's a little place in an orangery. But she has incredible taste, she does everyhting almost her self, and she's always using goldleaf on everything. It's monochrome in one way because she only uses white, gold and cristal. You can watch a video on youtube about her place. She's very artistic.

I hope you will enjoy it as i did this afternoon.

interior design this week total

Its was a very busy week, so i think i was a bit lazy with my blog. So let's make it good with already writing an article today.
Here are some pictures of the things i have already done this week.
One of my old mirrors came back from the "guilder", it was all bashed and not very gold anymore.
But after some of his magic, the mirror is al re-born, don't you think.

And i also framed already one of my little "Rome" etchings. The passe partout was already done, but i had to insert it in the frame, so this week i did some DIY.

Hope you all like it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dries Van Noten Day

What a day, rushing to work and after lunch rushing to Antwerp for the annual Dries Van Noten stock sales. Gorgeous clothes, accesoires, bags, shoes and textile for little prices.
After a train trip of half an hour i arrived in the "cathedral" of Central Antwerp. I call it like that because it super huge for a train station.

I had t hurry, the sales were already begun when i arrived in Antwerp. So i quickly walked to the place. And off course when i arrived there was already a cue to wait. But luckely the people were all nice and i chatted with some nice ladies. And before we knew we were inside.
I have no pictures of it because i had to go quickly to the men side to see what there was. I suppose you understand this. I was there for buying not to look only :-)
And off course there were fantastic things, i bought a vest for 125 €, a polo for 50€ and also a shirt for 50€, and some textile to make pillows of for my living room at only 25€
I am so happy and on top i found a friend back. Let me explain: the fitting rooms for the guys weren't separate, and when i was trying on a shirt, a just found a schoolfriend back. That's called serendipity i think :-)
We're now back in brussels, going to the restaurant when i finish my article here. But for me the day can't be more perfect.

Thanks Dries ;-)


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