Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hubert de Vinols

I saw already the work of that designer in The World of Interiors. Certainly some of you, will know his work. Here are some gorgeous pictures of his work. Ok, the flower paper is maybe too much even for me! But those rooms with another paper or just paint on the wall would be a perfect house for the weekends on the countryside :-). I love the way he uses furniture and paintings on the walls.

Hubert de Vinols

Enjoy the pictures and go certainly check out the video's.

Greetings from out of my bed (still with a big cold :-s)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New York through Berlin and then to Brussels

What an exciting time we live in. For example: I am at home sick with a cold (everybody for the moment it seems). But thanks to modern technology I can read in the New York Times about a wonderful apartment in Berlin. What should we all do without internet? Read 10000 magazines I suppose, but that would be very expensive.

Here are some pictures. I think I am gonna use some for our house. We're still working on the interior design, I think it will never finish.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back and already beautiful things everywhere

One day back from Hungary and everywhere I see wonderful articles on the net and in Blog-land.
Hungary was very nice, believe me, the weather wasn't super great but that didn't stop us.
I will post some pictures about it very soon, but I am still waiting for the pictures from friends. They took the pictures for once, it was a real holiday for me :-)
At the my friends blog Tottie stuff you can see already a preview.
Lets talk about the beauty's I found yesterday evening while I was reading my email before getting to bed.
The New York Social Diary did it again. A Maximalist, mmmm I like them. This time its maybe too much, even for me. But what a taste, somebody who dares to mix like that is really somebody with guts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Off to Budapest to relax :-)

I am off to Budapest with one of mine friend-blogger-tottie from tottiestuff. We don't go alone we go with a little group, we have rented a house on the countryside. If I have access to internet I will do some posts otherwise it's for when I am back.

Ciao everybody have a nice week, I will even if the weather is bad :-)


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