Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Don't know what i have with portraits but I am always attracted to them. If i have to choose between a landscape or a portrait I know what will be the first choice. They always have a sort of mystery. Why was it made, for which occasion??? Most of them we will never know because they have no name or history. They are anonymous, the person disappeared but isn't forgotten. I know it's very romantic thinking, but I like it.
Here are some i have in my possession. They are not all mystery people because one is of my grandmother when she was a little girl :-). And the last portrait is one i made of myself when i was still a student.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I am in complete agreement- the portrait of your grandmother is just lovely. I think you definitely are on to something with these selections for the most part- they could all be related- all the women bear a striking resemblance- are you sure they aren't all related? all One in the Same? are you playing a bit of a trick here? la

Greet Lefèvre said...

I did not know that you were an artist!!!
Very nice!
I also love portraits more than landscapes!


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Little Augury,

I always love your comments, they are always so interesting and opening new points of view for me.
Sometimes i play tricks but this time not, i believe in the point to find sometimes objects on different places that seems to be the same. The portraits were all bought apart in really different places. I see it as serendipity. They were made to come together. Have that a lot when i am making vignettes, some objects work together and some just not, it's not science :-)


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Greet,

Well some say i am, i don't see it like that :-)
I am just very multi tasking, and like to touch to different skills. A human has multiple in him, he just have to use them and train them :-)


Anci said...

I love portraits too ! I would like to have one or two at home.

Have a nice weekend

the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Anci,

I am sure one day you will have one or two or even more at your place ;-)

Maybe i can send you one if i found one ;-)



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