Monday, November 9, 2009

Denis, a man to my heart

Those are pic's of one of my best friends place. Spending time with him is always wonderful, drinking a coffee, drinking a bottle of wine or moving huge pieces of furniture, it's always fun.
Denis is always working on his big project "his house", always looking for nice pieces from outstanding quality. Here are some pictures of his place, i am sure it will change quickly. It always change since last time i saw it. Denis, big kisses ;-)

Hope you will all enjoy it.

His little office on the ground floor

The dinning room

The library on the first floor

"Heidsick" one of his two Leonberger dog's


Greet Lefèvre said...

David, this friend of yours has a very good taste! A beautiful house! I so love the mantelpiece of the fire place!


Berta F said...

Hola David, la casa d tu amigo es una casa magnífica....¡¡¡¡me encantan las casas antiguas con sus grandes puertas...ventanas y los techos altos...son muy elegantes....y si he disfrutado viendo la casa de tu amigo...¡¡¡ Berta said...

Hi Greet,

Yes indeed, his house i gorgeous, and believe me the picture don't even give 10 % of what there is ;-)
Funny of the mantelpiece, i have one the same dismantled in storage, it came out a " hotel particulier" of the "rue africaine" in brussels

David said...

Berta F,

Indeed his house in wonderful.
The doors are very high through out the whole house.
It's work in progress will post pictures later ;-)



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