Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here are some of the aspects why I really love antiques. The point is that, oke you buy something that has history, or a past. You're also in one way recycling something, because you re-using it. And you always give it back his value, because you restyle it or because you just give it a very nice place in your live or house.
Like you know I am always on the hunt for those kind of objects or furniture.

Like Valentino said " It's not my fault I like beauty". Well for me it's more " I like trash, I will turn it in something nice".
I love DIY challenges, so here is one of my projects I am finishing. It's an old little table with compartments. A really piece of woman furniture, but soooo practical. The pictures speak for them selfs. I hope you like the transformation.

The old version, very damaged. ( it had something, but it was really in a very bad state )

The new version.


Daniel said...

Very nicely done! The black with the natural wood is very elegant.

My husband and I have many things from the streets of NYC- a couch, a Victorian library chair with a carver lion on the back, a shelf.

It's amazing what people throw out!

Greet Lefèvre said...

PROFICIAT!!!! Het is zoooo mooooi! Echt waar! Dit is een stukje waar ik gewoon verliefd op word!
Koester het!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

It's amazing what some work will do -it looks amazing!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Whatever Greet said, I agree. & I love the description of woman furniture-(a smart lady that.) la said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks, I like the combination also very much.

Indeed, what people throw away sometimes is impossible to imagine. It seems you were luckey sometimes :-)

David said...

Hallo Greet,

Bedankt, ik zal mijn best doen om het te koesteren ;-)

David said...


Thanks for the compliment, a bit of work always pay off :-)

DAvid said...


Yes Greet has taste :-)

It seems all smart furniture is woman furniture lol


gésbi said...

Really nice!! Good taste and good work pay off! I have several pieces that need refinishing in the garage - sigh. One is a small beautifully carved work table that when opened reveals a sweet primative (homemade!) painting inside the lid. The probleme is that the lid is warped. I think it calls for a professional, but I love the idea of doing the transformations ourselves!

Anonymous said...

van welke rommelmarkt zijt ge da weer gaan pikken?

Anonymous said...

I love the table...and I love you...;) said...

Le style et la matière,

Work on it ;-), life is too short to have projects and to never do them.

I am sure you will really enjoy it because you saved it.

David said...

Tottie, niet zomaar rommelmarkt, he

van diene achter mijn deur ;-)

David said...

Well Anonymous if your the same person who written that other comment then i thank you for the interest ;-)

I do my best on the table and the rest lol


Mélanie said...

David !! You did a great job. Love your new version said...

Thanks Mélanie

I did my best, but love the idea, that people like the result :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought a French Provincial dresser at a thrift store and your post inspired me to refinish it! Great work on your piece, it looks gorgeous.



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