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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This architect company is working already three generations, since 1911. They do several sorts of projects, new constructions, renovation, conservation, ...
One thing is sure they have very good taste in restoring old buildings or in building new ones.

You can check their portfolio on their website. Off course i took some of their renovation projects, they are so beautiful.

Street side

Garden side

Street side

Garden side, very minimalistic

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jacques Wirtz

This morning when I was reading the weekend edition of "De Tijd", a financial paper like the Financial Times. There was an interesting article about Wirtz. For the one's who don't know him, I am sure Greet of Belgian Pearls will know him :-)

For a little Biography on him, click here.

The website is under construction, but you have to see all the projects he has done, they are just stunning.

And for the one who don't know his work, here are some pictures. I am sure you will love his work.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alex Papachristidis

I saw already some projects of this designer and i always love it. Ok, my place doesn't look like his. We don't share the same taste in textiles or colors. But i found it so daring to do it that way, and I admire people who dare. He has also a very fine eye for wonderful objects. His apartment is for me more a "Cabinet de Curiosites". To be honest i could move a truck of objects to my place, i am jealous of his wonderful collection :-). Enough of my opinion here, let's enjoy the pictures.

Thanks to the New York Social Diary and off course their photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alex Van De Walle

I discovered this wonderful architect years ago when i saw a reportage about his home in the Rue de Flandre in Brussels. It's a nice 18th century house, a large facade, but only one room deep, there are 4 levels. I have no pictures of this place, will try to find them. But i have pictures of his new house. One of the soooooooo many nice houses in Brussel. It's a wonderfull place where his personal touch is very visible, it's even a pleasure to see that most of the furniture moved with him to his new place.
Here are the pic's, enjoy them like i do!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This doesn't need a lot of words, you just have to discover this nice couple. The adventure started in 1985 and still gets better and better. They have a fantastic taste and their stands on antic fairs is always a fresh wind through stand that are packed full with furniture. They sell wonderfull pieces of design your whole house up to the person ;-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Katinka de Montal

Like i received my gilded mirror back i was thinking today to the apartment of Katinka de Montal in Paris.
It's a little place in an orangery. But she has incredible taste, she does everyhting almost her self, and she's always using goldleaf on everything. It's monochrome in one way because she only uses white, gold and cristal. You can watch a video on youtube about her place. She's very artistic.

I hope you will enjoy it as i did this afternoon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Geoffrey Van Hulle

Today i was going through one of my books. It was 'Joie de vivre" from Geoffrey Van Hulle.
Well i will post some pictures of the book to give you and idea of the style and taste of one of our Belgian designers. Isn't his taste good, if thats not good, then nothing is, i will not compare him with Axel Vervoordt, but he comes close.
Hope you will enjoy it as i did today.


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