Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alex Papachristidis

I saw already some projects of this designer and i always love it. Ok, my place doesn't look like his. We don't share the same taste in textiles or colors. But i found it so daring to do it that way, and I admire people who dare. He has also a very fine eye for wonderful objects. His apartment is for me more a "Cabinet de Curiosites". To be honest i could move a truck of objects to my place, i am jealous of his wonderful collection :-). Enough of my opinion here, let's enjoy the pictures.

Thanks to the New York Social Diary and off course their photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch


Anonymous said...

oelala pink everywhere, very nice

Mélanie said...

this is very full !!I love his style , even if I don't know if I will be abble to live in a room like that. Like you, I'm jealous if his collection of treasures said...

Yes, Tottie

You would at much more black to the total, even then i would like it :-)

David said...

Hi Mélanie,

If they were maybe less patterns i would survive in it. Collection, collection, collection is the word :-)


M said...

Thanks for posting! Now that's the kind of place you just want to move into. What patina! Love it.
All the best,


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