Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend = shopping!!!!

Well didn't post during the weekend because i was a bit busy. But today i will share some photo's of it. There are off course my usual flowers of the week picture. And some little object i bought very cheap.
Hope you enjoy them as i do.

My nice flowers

Bargains of the day, a silver tray, a little arab jug and some ceramic.

Very practical for when i give a party, but i think i will use it for the moment in my hallway to lay my mail on it when i come home in the evening.

Here is the new little jug in position, with my other antique pottery.
I really like the rough texture of those jugs.

Like you can see, i have already a couple of those little ceramics, i collect all kinds of white ceramics. I have already boxes full, but can't use it all. I don't have enough space for that in the apartment :-)
The moment i write this post, its raining really hard outside, but luckely inside it very cosy, i am sitting here with just candlelight on and hearing the rain fall on the roof.


Greet said...


I love all the objects you have chosen!! And my preferred one is the arab jug!!
The picture of the painting is so cosy!


Clarity said...

Beautiful finds, I too love the simplicity of beauty, although I have to curb buying - things can get cluttered too easily.

I love the world when it is candlelit, the warm glow on the walls - enchanting. Who is that man? So familiar, if he is a composer he must be a contemporary of Mozart's

Anci said...

The flowers are lovely, the tray very nice and I like the painting.

Anci said...


Cosy is the word du jour with such rainy weather :-)

David said...

Indeed Clarity,

But i sell also so things pass only in my hands, some stay long and other s not :-)

Object live longer than us.

The man is Jean Jacques Rousseau, french writer, very revolutionary in his times, contemporary of Marie Antoinette.

David said...

Hi Anci, thanks for the comment

I do my best :-)


Grant K. Gibson said...

I love the flowers and silver tray!
The candle light is wonderful on the portrait


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