Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No inspiration, but still an article

Had no idea today , but wanted to make something nice, and when i was coming back from a friend by foot. I started to take pictures of some buildings that are nice. They are so typical Brussels. All built in the 19th century, the city is full of them, i live also in one of them :-)
They all have high ceilings, approx. 4 meters. They are just fantastic, i am in love with that kind of houses.
But i will stop chatting about me and let you enjoy my little walk till home.
The last picture is the "Palais du midi", my building is next to it :-)


Anci said...

The houses looks very nice and I'm sure that the inside is beautiful too ! I like the size of the buildings.

Have a nice day !!

Anci said...

Well brussels is full of that kind of houses, they are wonderfull to live in.


Greet Lefèvre said...

Prachtige post David!!!!
Ik hou enorm van deze gebouwen!!
Ik kan ook echt genieten van mooie gebouwen, in welke stad ik ook ben!

Greet said...

hallo Greet,

Ja dat is waar, ik kan ook overal genieten, maar als ik al die huizen zie hier in brussel, dan smelt ik :-)




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