Monday, October 26, 2009

Chair addiction!!!!!

Greet made a wonderful post about chairs last week. I am sure a lot of bloggers where drooling at there screen. I was anyway!!!! Acceptation of having a problem is the first step. So that part is done know. But i can frankly say it doesn't affect my health at all :-)
I just love chairs, and will always collect them.
My last treasure is just fantastic. Here are some picture, so i can share this with you.

Hopefully you all like it a lot.


Greet Lefèvre said...

Beautiful armchair! It is a LXIV styled one! It is almost the same that I have in my living room!

Thanks for mention me David!


Renée Finberg said...

i have this weird little thing...
i think that the chair, or chairs in a room give it it's personality,
they are like people without heads.
after all....they do have arms and legs!! :)


Anci said...

Nice to see your new chair. I'm looking forward to find one myself !

Have a great day !

Anci said...

Greet thanks,

but for the mention it's nothing :-)

David said...


A room without chairs is not cozy, i think the same thing, even if there is already one chair like in a bedroom, it makes it nicer.

David said...


good luck then ;-) i am crossing my fingers for you


Eesti said...

Can I just give a big "amen!" and leave it at that? Oh probably not, because I have a big mouth and have to say something ... but I really LOVE what you've written.


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