Monday, October 12, 2009

l'Atelier en Herbe

This morning, i had to go later to the office, because my Boss gave me the task to get the flowers for a colleague's birthday. Normally she always do it herself, but because she's on holiday, it was my job. So i didn't had to think twice, i went at 10 o'clock to my favourite flowershop at the Sablon, l'Atelier en Herbe. Its next to Flamant, and its a wonderfull experience, the whole room is painted black with nice light, thereis really a nice atmosphere and it smells very good.
My colleague was very happy with the flowers. Here are some pictures of the shop, hopefully you like them. My day started well, i charged my batteries.



Sweet! The images are stunning. I am sure you coworker loved her bday flowers.

Greet Lefèvre said...

I would be pleased to receive flowers from l'Atelier en Herbe, if I was your colleague!!


Anci said...

The house with the shop looks very nice and I can almost feel the scent of the flowers.


plaisirs simples said...

beyond gorgeous!! love the last image especially :) said...

Meade design group,

thanks, she was very happy with the flowers, she gave me a big hug. said...


she was very pleased, its always a nice stop at the sablon :-)

David said...

Hi anci,

All the house in the neighbourhood are like that, very old.
And i can say that the shop smells very nice :-)

David said...

plaisirs simples,

there are several corners like that in the shop, on the pictures there a nice little pots, but now there are really much more nice things :-)



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