Saturday, October 10, 2009


What a nice word, i always find it nice. And it's not only nice when you pronounce it. It's also nice in a frame.
It lifts up your little piece of art or what else you put in it.
Today i was DIY day, so i was cutting all day today. But i can say the result is very nice and clean. Will have to frame them also, but thats not for this week. These will come in my other bedroom. Off course i will share the pictures with you all when they are on the wall.
But for the moment i can already show them to you, its a serie of ancient buildings and history in Italy.
Hope you will like it.


Greet said...

They are just stunning! I like them a lot!

And next time we have to go together to the sablon! When I go the next time, I will let you know!


Anci said...

they are all great ! And it will look even better on the wall :) Looking forward to see them there.

Have a wonderful day

Anci said...


thanks for the compliment

Ok, good to know, we can make some nice pictures then :-)

David, said...

Hi Anci,

I hope they will look better on the wall

Will share that moment with everybody here :-)

Have a wonderfull day also



I have always liked etchings! Great collection

plaisirs simples said...

i'm always looking for prints like them! said...

thanks meade design group,

but that only a fraction of my collection, its not even 10 % :-)

David said...

plaisirs simple, then you're like me ;-)

friends call me a buyer, always ready to find a good object.



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