Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost world

First of November is synonymous with remembering the love ones we lost. In general i don't need to go the cemetery to remember family. I think of them during the year or when i do something they would also do, and not specially that day. Also the fact that cemetery's are full of wonderful stone, which is used to make horrible kitsch tombstones. The nice modern/new tombstones are very rare in general. In Brussel there are several cemetery's, but one of my favourite ones is the one in Dieweg. This cemetery is a piece of art, it's not enormous, and there are no new tombstone, everything is very ancient. There is a feeling of "a lost world". I passed today 3 hours, and i can see that i didn't felt alone in a strange way.

This is art, not mass production!!!

Tomb of a married couple

Ceramic flowers, there since 1889 and still are nice.

An Art nouveau masterpiece

I went down there, and the wall were full of white marble with names, the floor was a marble mosaic, sadly the pictures i took, didn't worked out.

When nature takes over

Don't need words

Last time i looked back before leaving the cemetery, a moment not to forget.
I hope you all enjoyed it as much i did.

See you on my next adventure.


Anci said...

It looks like a "real" cementry and are in some way beautiful.

Have a nice day

Anci said...

Hello Anci,

Yes, it's wonderful :-)

have a nice weekend


Greet said...

I really want to visit this cemetry one day! I also like to walk there and enjoy all of these beautiful tombstones!
They are indeed pieces of art and certainly not mass production!
These pictures you showed here are gorgeous! Did you taken them yourself?
This is a wonderful post David!
Have a nice sunday!


little augury said...

Wonderful photographs-fascinating the sculpture of any cemetery, tis one especially. la said...

hi Greet,

It's a fantastic place, how strange this ay also sound :-s

its a place you have to see ;-), and yes i always take all my pictures myself.

David said...

thanks little augury,

i found it also fascinating, thats why i wanted to share it :-)



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