Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dries Van Noten Day

What a day, rushing to work and after lunch rushing to Antwerp for the annual Dries Van Noten stock sales. Gorgeous clothes, accesoires, bags, shoes and textile for little prices.
After a train trip of half an hour i arrived in the "cathedral" of Central Antwerp. I call it like that because it super huge for a train station.

I had t hurry, the sales were already begun when i arrived in Antwerp. So i quickly walked to the place. And off course when i arrived there was already a cue to wait. But luckely the people were all nice and i chatted with some nice ladies. And before we knew we were inside.
I have no pictures of it because i had to go quickly to the men side to see what there was. I suppose you understand this. I was there for buying not to look only :-)
And off course there were fantastic things, i bought a vest for 125 €, a polo for 50€ and also a shirt for 50€, and some textile to make pillows of for my living room at only 25€
I am so happy and on top i found a friend back. Let me explain: the fitting rooms for the guys weren't separate, and when i was trying on a shirt, a just found a schoolfriend back. That's called serendipity i think :-)
We're now back in brussels, going to the restaurant when i finish my article here. But for me the day can't be more perfect.

Thanks Dries ;-)


Greet said...

Hi David,
That must have been a fantastic evening for you!
Greet said...

Hi Greet,

it was indeed, i am still enjoying it in one way :-)


Anci said...

Hi !
Is that really a train station ? I'm glad that you have had a wonderful day in so many ways :)

Have a nice weekend
Anci said...

Hi Anci,

yes its a trainstation, and a very nice one :-)

It was a wonderful day

have also a nice weekend


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