Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice things from Lille

A place were you have to pinch yourself to check out if your still alive or awake. It's antique heaven for me. 20 antique dealers show off there goods on 10.000 ft of showroom.
I am not gonna tell more, enjoy the pics and surely check out there website, a place for hours of fun. There website is always kept very up to date, so there are always new nice things.
Enjoy it like i do. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and million thanks for the link! I think I'd just be happy to bring a few pillows and blankets and live amongst these beautiful antiques. Trish (Trouvais)

Spencer Howard said...

What a great showroom... thanks for sharing!

The Architectural Antique Review

Greet said...

I know the place there! Woderful things to discover!


Anci said...

Thanks for the link and for the beautiful pictures !

Have a nice weekend
Anci said...

yes your right Trish, it can always be nicer :-)

David said...

it's nothing spencer, it's done with pleasure :-)

David said...


It's a very nice place, good for inspiration.

Good weekend.

David said...

It's nothing Anci

Have a great weekend also :-)


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