Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What a rainy day, it started monday and it seems i think it's for the whole week. So today i was drooling on the pictures of the New York apartment of Bunny Williams. It's so chic and comfortable at the same time, it's perfect, but there is disorder. The kind of place i like.
I can say that i put this pictures on, so i can drool on it whenever i need a bit, like today.
But can somebody that this isn't perfection. The colors, the furniture, the dog's living there way, this is really a house to live in not a "designer house" where nobody knows where he can sit.


Greet said...

I love these places! They are my favourites!!


Anci said...

That home have personality ! And I like that they have books everywhere.


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Thanks Greet,

I don't know how many times i watch those pictures, but i think more than a couple of times a month :-)


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Yes, Anci

thats why i really love it so much i think. Books have to be everywhere ;-)


Diogo Mayo said...

Only "alive" houses deserve the adjective CHIC! To have nice furniture and nice carpets and nice paintings is not enought. One must feel that someone lives there in fact! Museum-alike houses can be very boring! I adore all the piles of books as I supose someone reads them. Appreciate books is a sign of superior civilization!

chic alors!

the.neo.lifestyle said...


completely agree with you, money is not enough, style has to be around also.

books have to lay around all the time. When i have friends coming over even for just a chat, they always take a book they have never read before.


GrannySmithGreen said...

Loving your blog and Bunny! Can't wait to read more!

My Notting Hill said...

I've never seen pictures of Bunny William's apartment - thanks! Love the casual style the photographer chose.

little augury said...

These images of Bunny Williams home are wonderful. It is the books-isn't it. Slow but sure, I have added your beauteous blog to my list of favourites. It is lovely. LA


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