Saturday, October 24, 2009

Katinka de Montal

Like i received my gilded mirror back i was thinking today to the apartment of Katinka de Montal in Paris.
It's a little place in an orangery. But she has incredible taste, she does everyhting almost her self, and she's always using goldleaf on everything. It's monochrome in one way because she only uses white, gold and cristal. You can watch a video on youtube about her place. She's very artistic.

I hope you will enjoy it as i did this afternoon.


Greet said...

Thank you for the introduction to Katinka de Montal! I had never heard about here! Here work is stunning!

Greet said...


it's a pleasure to introduce her.
Indeed her work is very nice, how she all did this.


Anci said...

I think that she lives in a little castle and she have done a great work with it.
The etching and the mirror in the post before looks so nice :)

Anci said...

thanks anci :-)

but i think the same thing, she lives in what she want, without spending million, i love that :-)



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