Saturday, January 30, 2010

BRAFA 2010

Like told yesterday I went to the BRAFA. Well it was not my first time, I went with a good friend last week Friday for the opening. So yesterday was the second time for taking pictures and looking around more specific. Less talk, but much more atmosphere pictures :-) from your designer on the field.

Hope you like it!!!


Anci said...

Thank you, it was nice to see !


Michael Hampton said...

Very inspiring photos. Love your blog!

Greet said...

David, Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! So now I can enjoy a bit from the fair without having been there!
Let me guess, Is the 5th picture from the stand of Axel Vervoordt???

Have a nice weekend,

Picture of Elegance said...

Very inspiring...thanks.

jamesxvi said...

Hi David, I attended this fair in 2008 and wish I could be there again, so thanks for sharing these photos. I agree with Greet that photo 5 is likely that of Axel Vervoordt. I'd like to know more about the little forest in the second photo. said...


Indeed, it was wonderful to be there as always.

David said...

Michael Hampton,

Thanks for the compliment.

David said...


You're welcome, I always love to share pictures :-)

And off course your specialist eye is correct, its axel 200%

The egyptian busts were fantastic, and they may also for 500.000 euro.

David said...

picture of elegance,

you're welcome.

David said...


It's nothing I like to share, its fantastic axel as usual :-)

Photo 2 is the entry hall of the fair and they are huge picture of the forest de cambre that is at the border of brussels. Its a fantastic forest to walk in all year around. And it was like the forest was at the fair :-)


Brigitte Garnier said...

Hi David,

Didn't find the time to go to BRAFA, I was in Cambodia!
Hope to see you at Eurantica BXL, I expose together with an Italian antiquedealer. Would be fun meeting you...



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