Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years walk

First Happy New Year to everybody !!!!!! The past year has been wonderful :-)

The last couple of days I wasn't much online. Don't have to tell the reason I suppose. Everybody was having good time with friends and family.
For my side I had some very nice relaxing days at the belgian coast at a good friends place.
It was nice to see the fireworks on the beach, even if it was ice cold :-s

Every year the second day of January I do something cultural. This year i went with my good friend Denis to the lovely city of Ghent to visit the design museum.

I know I don't have any design left in my apartment except my Eames desk chair. There was a time were it was different. But I went there because the museum is in a very nice building and houses a fantastic collection of ancient furniture.

Hope you enjoy the pics like I and Denis enjoyed the museum.

Your designer on the field and Denis :-)

Happy New Year, and hopefully more nice stuff in 2010!!!!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

what a fabulous museum, I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit!

little augury said...

all beautiful images-It must be great to have such right at your fingertips and someone wonderful to explore them with. best to you in the NY2010! la

GV said...

lovely museum photos..inspiring.

Madelief said...

Hoi David,

Wat een mooi museum! Het ziet er uit als een oud patriciershuis. Prachtige interieurs en mooi behang op de eerst foto's!

Fijne zondag!

groetjes van Madelief

Greet said...

The design museum in Ghent is beautiful!Beautiful 18th century furniture !



Happy to discover your blog. I'll come again. said...

Architect Design,

It's a very nice building in the wonderful centre of Ghent.

Happy New Year!!!!

David said...

Little Augury,

Indeed its very nice to visit all those things that aren't far from me. And it's true, going there with someone who share the same taste if fun.

Best wishes to you for 2010 :-)

David said...


Thanks for the compliment

Happy New Year

David said...


Het was een prive woning tot begin vorige eeuw. Het huis is echt heel groot en ook heel mooi. Alle muren zijn bekleed met textiel, daarom is het behang zo mooi ;-)

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!!!

David said...

Hi Greet,

Indeed the museum is wonderful. Could take all the furniture for my place :-)

David said...


I am also glad you discovered me. I discovered you already a time ago, love your work :-)



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