Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend = shopping!!!!

This weekend Denis and I went to one of nice auction-rooms in Brussels. Vanderkindere, has always a very nice selection of objects. You can't come out of this place without at least loving one object.
As usual I loved several pieces :-s, but I wasn't there for me, but for Denis, we're lloking for some niece pieces to embellish his house.
Tomorrow evening is the sale, I will be there and hopefully we win some objects, auction is always so exciting.

Hope you like the pictures, I loved the visit and maybe tomorrow some action in the auction-room :-)


Anonymous said...

My dear David,
It's always a pleasure to go and have a look with you somewhere.
Hope to see you for your good and efficient advices during the auction.
You'll always be welcomed home

Anonymous said...

Frames, frames, frames...want, want want!!!

James XVI said...

HI David, I always wish I could go with you... I have also tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger award on my most recent post.


Greet Lefèvre said...

I would really go to this auction house one day! It must be so nice living in Brussels, because there is always something going on there!
Beautiful pieces of furniture and a nice painting!


Anci said...

I love old portraits ! I hope that someday I will have a couple of them at my walls at home :)


LENE said...

Hi David
For some wonderful things they have on this auction - would have loved to been there ...
Have a great weekend!

La Petite Gallery said...

I would love to go..
There was a small round french table, the clocks look good
what a fun time..


La Petite Gallery said...

That looks like a fun time.

love the small french table and the clocks look interesting.

yvonne said...

Denis mon chou,

I know that i am welcome ;-)

David said...

Yep tottie,

Frames everywhere ;-)

Maybe i will buy you some.

David said...


Thank you!!! I noticed, wasn't much online this week.
But this week I will make a response to that nice gift :-)

David said...

Hi Greet,

Yes indeed always something to do in Brussels.
This is a very nice auction-room. Maybe one day you can go with me :-)

David said...

Hi Anci,

I really hope you will have some nice portraits one day ;-)

David said...


Thanks, well i am addicted to auctions so i now the feeling.

David said...


I understand well your feeling, always nice to go to an auction.



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