Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jean-Loup Daraux

Books is my weak point, I am sure it's not only my case.
Today while I was coming late back from the office, I saw in one of my favorite bookshops a piece of a book, and I was intrigued. So I went in the bookshop, yes oke I admit it's stupid of me to go in, because I never get out without at least book in my hands.
The fragment I saw, didn't disappoint me. It was Au Claire de la Lune from Jean-Loup Daraux.
Had already the chance to go through it once, but now I had the chance to buy it for a very nice price. So I have one more book to my library.

Brooke Giannetti from one of my favourite blogs Velvet & Linen posted some nice pictures out of the book. I hope she's not angry at me that I used one of her scanned pictures.

This book is just perfect, everything looks so nice, really one to have in a library.


Greet said...

Yes David,
I discovered the book a few weeks ago and... of course bought it! Beautiful isn't it!


Michael Mattison said...

David, I can totally relate to not being able to go into a bookshop without buying anything; one can never have enough books. Or maybe it's just me? Weird experience a few years ago: I was at a party for someone I didn't know all that well. Nice guy, pleasant, worked for a bank, nice apartment. But something was bothering me and I couldn't place it at first. Then I said to some friends: "There are no books here!!" It was so odd: The guy had absolutely no books in his apartment! I can't even imagine what that's like. Anyway, just thought of that while reading a bibliophile's post!

Elin said...

and thank you for visiting my blog... you hava a wonderful blog and home in just my taste... Just love it...

And so many beautiful things and furnish, just lovely...

Wish you a nice weekend...
Many warm hugs

the.neo.lifestyle said...

HI Greet,

indeed a wonderful inspiration book :-)


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Michael,

Indeed a home without books is more a showroom than something else.

People without books aren't dreaming like we do ;-)

Good weekend!!!


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Hi Elin,

Thank you for the compliment ;-)

Love your blog also, its so nice.

Have a wonderful weekend, and warm hugs.



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