Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Stotesburys

Another american story of big houses. Well it's more a sad story, but lets be honest don't we all like a bit of drama.
A wonderful big house that falls into repair and sometimes get destroyed. That last one is the part I could miss. I prefer happy endings, like a renovation project. A phenix reborn from his ashes.
Here its a sad story, but one to not forget.


La Petite Gallery said...

Well I was oooing and ahhhing
and almost cried at the last. It mad me sick. What a SIN how can that happen??


La Petite Gallery said...

OH!! I was ooooing and awhing
till I reached the end. I wanted to cry, it mad me sick to see it. How can that happen?? WHAT HAPPENED? What a SIN, a waste..


elsbeth said...

Totally amazing photos- and so sad indeed! said...

Well Yvonne it's not a single story, it happens all the time :-s

David said...


Indeed so sad :-s



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