Saturday, January 16, 2010

A house is not a home.

Hello, I suppose everybody saw the shocking pictures in Haiti, there isn't a moment I am not thinking about it. Because we're sometimes not happy with what we have, but this huge drama makes me realize that a lot of people have nothing to complain. They don't even have a house anymore, they are just alive and that's it. Could you put yourself in such a situation. Well I have it difficult with this idea. So I feel blessed to have everything I have now. Yesterday I got mail from the selby that there were new pictures. Well what is more representative than a photoshoot from a real cozy family. Enjoy it as I did, and think about how lucky you are.


Anci said...

I will ! The picture have pure happiness in it. So wonderful !


Michael Mattison said...

You're so right in what you say! So thanks for saying it. :-)

jamesxvi said...

David, I always wish I could go along to these places. I tagged you with the Kreativ Blogger award the other day and thought I already left a post here, but don't see it so I'm trying again. said...


Yes happiness is the word.

David said...


Thanks :-)


David said...

My too James,



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