Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week I received a Kreativ Blogger Award from James from Garvinweasel.
Off course I am honored :-). But I already did a post about me, and like I prefer to do something constructive instead of talking about me :-s.
So I was thinking why not change the rules. I am nominated for that award, thats meaning that I am creative. But what about the other people here.

The price is an ancient etching from Naples in Italy framed in by myself.

Only rule of the contest, is making a picture of a room of a place in your home and tell me why you should have the etching.

People can always leave me an e-mail at the.neo.lifestyle@gmail.com

Next week I will announce the winner.


La Petite Gallery said...

Interesting post. Congratulations on winning your award.
I think etchings are so intricate, and draw the eye into the object.
They always look great in a trad, home, or Georgian, neo classic.
Pertaining to the subject.
Enjoy your art.


pve design said...

I know just the spot in my home that deserves an etching and to win a contest to boot! I will e-mail you the photo.

sofie said...

ik ga ook mijne foto opsturen e... het mooiste interieur komt van mij hihihih

Elsbeth said...

Very generous of you to donate a print to someone's collection.
It would be perfect for a friend of mine who devotedly restored his 1716 london townhouse. His panelled dining room is filled with prints of Hawksmoor churches; this Vesuvius would be perfect for his staircase where there is already temple of Tivoli.
Thank you for all your wonderful posts!


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