Monday, January 4, 2010

Work in progress

Today first day at the office. Well it was hard to get started after all that partying :-s
After work I had to go shopping for materials for my many DIY projects. Let's say I wanted to do more with my skills this year, and it started already good. Every evening I will be working on them till the end of the month I think.
I am complaining, but I like it being occupied.
Thats not a reason why I should not post articles. So This evening I post two pictures I took a week ago. The"bourse" down my street, isn't it beautiful with its holiday lights? And the Church on the "place Sainte Catherine". I love my city :-)


Anci said...

This is my first day at work and I must say that I'm a little bit tired.
Nice houses !


Greet said...

I can imagine that you love Brussels, David! It is a beautiful city with a lot of magnificent buildings, musea etc. You never can feel borrowed in Brussels!


jamesxvi said...

I miss Brussels, thanks for these images David!

jamesxvi said...

I miss Brussels. Thanks for these images David! said...

Hi anci,

It will get better during the week.

Have a nice week.

David said...

Hi Greet,

Yes there is always something to see or something to do here :-)

David said...


Don't worry this year I will make a lot of pictures about Brussels



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