Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sondra Gilman

Well what a nice article on the New York Social Diary!!! Not special, because they are always very nice. I love to go and check out the new articles there, and I adore the photos. Those nice shots in private houses, to die for. The furniture and the art, what a combination :-p

This time we invade the world of Sondra Gilman.

Enjoy the pictures.


little augury said...

spectacular stuff!

Anci said...

It's fun to see, but too expensive for me :)


Flory said...

combination of modern and classic...the artworks esp. on the 4th photo's interesting.
I just found your blog and added you on my links...keep on posting!

follow me: Living Creatively with Flory

vosges paris said...

It's always cool to have a look in other peoples houses isn't it.

Anonymous said...

i want stairs like that (including all the frames :p ) said...


Indeed I agree spectacular stuff.

Would love to have some :-)

david said...

Anci, never say never ;-)

David said...

flory, thank you I will check out :-)

David said...

Vosges paris, you're right, love the look at people own taste.

David said...

one day tottie, one day ;-)

we will work on that :-p


kitchen tables said...

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