Saturday, September 19, 2009

Work out

Yes, today i worked out all day i think.
Woke u very early to help a friend empty parts of an apartment of his ant. Moving with big pieces of furniture.
Seeing and working with furniture, is always nice, and its good for the muscles.
Well i think i will feel it tomorrow, worked a lot. But what a day, i bought from him two huge louis philipe cupboard, they are in my hallway, need some restoration. Two persian rugs, some old frames (will take some pics another time) and a little bench. Here are two pictures of it, i need to make a cover for the top because it doesn't blend in with my interior otherwise. But was a delicate piece, the detailing is stunning. The last time i saw so much details was the Jacob furniture in the bedroom of Marie Antoinette at Petit Trianon. Off course mine isn't Jacob, but still i am very happy with it, because i will not tell the price. But you don't get an ikea chair for that price ;-)

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Greet said...

Stunning! Wonderful pieces!


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