Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, bargain day

It's the day we're normally we have a headache from saterday. But it's not a reason to stay in bed all day. It would be a total waste. Because sunday there is the sunday market, a market with all sorts of food, spices, plants, vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, animals. Name it and its there.
I go always for fruit and vegetables, you can't have them cheaper than there, and the wonderfull flowers.
I bought nice green roses today for at home and for on my desk at the office. This little bouquet of 60 flowers costed me 10 euro, a nice deal.
No i will enjoy these flowers for more than a week, at home and at work.


Greet said...

These flowers for only €10!!!!
Beautiful! I do love flowers a lot! A home without flowers , I can't imagine!

Greet said...

thats true, my theory is that its better to give and receive flowers when we're alive and not only when we passed away :-)

they are always very "goedkoop", and they coe from holland


Greet said...

Goede avond David,

Dank voor je reactie op mijn post van vandaag!

(Ik veronderstel dat je Nederlands spreekt?)

Ik ben blij uw blog terug te kunnen volgen!

Vele groeten,


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