Saturday, September 12, 2009

A promise is a promise!!!

As promised yesterday here are some pictures of me new apartment, it's still the same. But i changed the color and off course some pieces of furniture changed also. I have enough in stock to change it all year round, and like i love some changments. 
I hope everybody like it, i do. And if not tell me and i will listen to your opinion. Like they say in french "only the stupid people never change of mind"


Greet said...

Your place is wonderful! I love the armchair with the white fabric on it!


PS Do you speak French or Dutch too? said...

thank you, its one of my last purchases. I bought it at auction, the original textile was a bit exotic, but i changed it myself.


ps: thanks for the compliment, but your place is warm and charming

off course, my dad is flemish, and my mother is from Brussel

jasmieni said...

prachtig appartement! :o said...

bedankt :-)

je hebt een mooie blog, ben blij die te ontdekken,ik zal niet vaak iets over mode schrijven, maar ben er ook wel gek van, van mannenmode natuurlijk, maar dat ligt vaak dicht bij elkaar :)


Velvet and Linen said...

Hi David.
I found you through our mutual blog friend, Greet.
Your blog is fantastic and your apartment is stunning.
I adore the color you painted your walls. You have a wonderful sense of design. I look forward to visiting quite often.


remstar said...

Hello David

I just found your blog via Grant Gibson. You have a beautiful home! I am in the process of reading your whole blog. Very inspiring. Can you tell me about the black and white picture of the man in the library - art? wallpaper?
After I read the 10 unknown things about you - you need to marry me - he he....
Lovely blog, lovely home....Congratulations. Looking forward to reading more...

remstar said...

Hi David

Is that a dark charcoal colour on your walls? said...


Thanks :-)

its a a mix of brown and deep black, the color change all day thanks to the mix.



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