Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to choose???

It will be almost a week that my last acquisition is back to my apartment after restoration.
But now i have big problem i don't know where to put it. It will sound strange but i never buy objects or furniture with a goal, they always naturally blend in. Sometimes it just takes time, and some decisions.
In this case i have two possibility's. The two pictures is how it can be, but i didn't choose yet.

How it is for the moment + detail

And this is the other option


Greet said...

I would go for the second option. Why? Well, the first painting is a little to white if you hang or set it in front of an almost white wall. I think there is not enough contrast with the wall.(Although it looks like an amazing painting).
The second painting is colourful, very beautiful and it match well with the french sconces!

Let me know what you have decided!

Greet said...

Well for the moment i change it every two days to see what to decide, but i think i will go for the second choice, for the moment i am looking at it, and he's smiling to me.

Will find a place for the other one, will work on that


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