Friday, September 11, 2009

old pic's of my place

What a day, i have a cold and i am sleeping all the time.
But i promised to blog everyday from now on, so here i am loading some of my old pictures of my living room. I still live in it, i love my apartment too much for leaving it, but i changed some furniture and the color on the walls have also already changed, will place a picture tomorrow of the new color.


Greet said...

I am so pleased to have discovered your blog AGAIN! When I saw that you followed my blog today, I realised that I recognized your blog ! I have visited your blog a long time ago and I was loosen the name of your blog! And today, here you were! I am so happy!

Greet said...

well i a was a bit lazy with my blog, but i have a new laptop :-)

so will work on it everyday like you do
i was very happy to discover your blog also even if i knew already "the works" of lefèvre for years.
I was thinking i was the only one reading all those blogs, but it seems i am not so alone in belgium.


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