Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A promise kept

Well i think i kept my promise from yesterday. Oke, its not a full photoshoot. But what do you want the evenings are coming quicker dark and i worked later today. Not a very fantastic combination t get very nice pictures.
So today i just took some pictures of a corner next to my bed.
Those are some of the things i see when i wake up , and i can say that i am happy with them.
The chair is a Regency Liege chair, in original state. The mirror is a collage of little old pieces of mirror, one of my creations. I use it to hide de heating system, that is horrible. A mahogany french commode with a onyx tablet. On the wall you see a piece of ancient chinese textile stretch on a wooden frame. And on the commode you can see an old french medici urn, with some very nice hortensia's i received from a good collegue of mine at work. 

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