Monday, December 7, 2009


Today i got 4 new items, Corinthian silver columns. There are just wonderful, They aren't very ancient, but that's not a bad thing. They have a lot of style and will make every table just look sophisticated. Just on my living room table or on a commode they will be also gracefully.
Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

I admire the classical lines. Wonderful find!

little augury said...

Yes!Style trumps Ancient.GT

columnist said...

Naturally I completely agree! They look good grouped as 4 in the centre of the dining table, (as I do with mine). Looks like they need a bit of a polish...ahem!

Greet said...

I certainly agree with you David! Very pretty!


Anci said...

I absolutly agree with you !!
They are very nice :)

Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

I love these candlesticks...and I love you:)M

Daniel said...

Love them! They have a distinct presence- the terraced feet may have a deco element?

I have two similar columns flanking an antigue clock on the mantel and never tire of looking at them.

Order, symmetry and classical lines. You can't do better! said...


Thanks, agree with you about the lines

David said...


Agree with you ;-)

David said...


Indeed they need some "love", but I will give them that very soon :-)

David said...

Thanks Greet :-)

They are classics, can't do wrong with them.

David said...

Thanks Greet :-)

They are classics, can't do wrong with them.

David said...

Hi Anci,


Have a nice day also.

David said...


Thanks for the interest lol


Michael Mattison said...

David, where'd you get those? I can think of about 20 places/uses for them in my flat here. Nice, very.
Have a great weekend,
Michael said...

Hi, Michael,

Auction rooms and sometimes ebay ;-)

Always on the look out thats the secret ;-)

Good weekend,


The Peak of Chic said...

I have a pair of these same candlesticks. I love them and in fact am thinking of wiring them into lamps.


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