Friday, December 4, 2009

Cold outside, warm inside

Today was a very hard day, sick and at the office. So i have to stay in bed this weekend. Not a pleasant thing, but i don't want to be sick during the week. So here is a picture i made today of my fireplace in my bedroom. The good side is that i can blog a lot from out my bed, so i will do my best this weekend.
Hope you enjoy the picture.


My Notting Hill said...

Hope you feel better soon. How wonderful to have a fireplace in your bedroom.

Anci said...

I think that both the portrait and the picture is gorgeous !

I hope that you will get well soon !


Greet Lefèvre said...

Indeed David ,as Michele said "how wonderful to have a fireplace in your bedroom!"
You have a very good taste!
Hope you will be better on mondays! Keep care!


Grant K. Gibson said...

Oh a fireplace in your bedroom! How do you ever leave? Feel better. Lovely... said...

My Notting Hill,

I am getting better, just have to rest.

It's true, i am very happy to have one in my bedroom :-)

David said...

Thank you Anci,

I am already getting better thanks to everybody comments :-)

David said...

Thanks Greet,

I am sure i will be better, thanks to everybody comments.
It gives a warm feeling :-)

David said...

Thanks Grant,

I have to leave my bedroom sometimes :-)



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