Saturday, December 5, 2009

Didier Abbeloos

While reading the post of Greet ( i don't have to present here i suppose :-). I suddenly remembered another wonderful place not so far from there, the house of antique dealer Didier Abbeloos. I know the region of those two places very well because I grew up there. It's a nice piece of the flemish countryside.
Normally i always threat my readers on a lot of good pictures, but this time nothing to find. Don't worry there is a nice video on his website that makes everything good :-)

Clic on the name here below for the video.

Hope you enjoy it.


Greet said...

Good idea to show that movie! A few days ago I watched it! He has a lot of style and good taste as you have! Why don't you start your own antiques shop!!!!???
Do you feel better yet?

Greet said...

Hi Greet,

I visited already the place and i think it's even nicer in reality.
Well i suppose it's the first step that is the most difficult :-s, several people told me already that i should start a shop.
I feel better already, i am sure monday it will be alright.


Anci said...

He has a very elegant, interesting and nice home.
I can see that you're feeling better. That's good !

Anci said...

Hello Anci,

I am better already i painted a cupboard today :-)



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