Sunday, December 6, 2009


Not 100% back yet, but i can't do nothing. I would become crazy. So as planned I got my christmas tree this morning from the Sunday market near my place. Early in the morning there is not too much people there also so I had more choice. I bought a very nice and high model this year. It's even a bit to high for my living room. But that doesn't make it less nicer. So here i can share some pics with all of you.

Hope you like it.


Anci said...

My dreams of a lovely Christmas tree starts now :)

Have a nice week


Renae said...

I love it! Just beautiful, is it a Fraser Fir?

Greet said...

Mooi! Heb gisteren ook de onze gedecoreerd!


Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi there, just found you today:)
Your tree is wonderful!!

Daniel said...

The white and clear ornaments are beautiful with your apartment. And I like the openness of the tree. Very elegant indeed! said...

Anci, hopefully your dream will come true this year then ;-)

David said...

Hi Renae,

Thanks, indeed, you have an expert eye on several things it seems ;-)

David said...

Hallo Greet,

Heb ik gezien, prachtig de jouwe!!

David said...

Carolina Eclectic,

Thanks for the compliment and i hope you will enjoy what i will produce in the future :-)

David said...


Thanks for the compliment, it's true I like a tree with openings, thats nicer I think.



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