Monday, May 3, 2010


It seems not a lot of people visited the Czech republic. Well I am glad to share my trip with all of you. Approx. 10 years ago I already visited Prague and its countryside. And I can say that something got more modern, but the majority stayed like it was. If you like historical city's than Prague is the one you have to visit, you feel like in another time and world. Especially in the morning in the old town.
Last two days we went in the country side to visit 4 beautiful castles (zamek in Czech)

PS: I don't have a lot of pictures inside, because it's forbidden to take them :-s

Zamek Horovice one of my favorites, it's just perfection. If you visit only one castle, visit this one.


La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Thank you so much,
This was a real treat. I would
love to have gone inside.. yvonne

Michael Mattison said...

Thanks for sharing! As if I didn't already know that I need to visit the Czech Republic (I think I'm the last person on earth who hasn't been), this post of yours is a further reminder to get there.
Really nice; I'm a big castle connoisseur, so the CR would be the place for me. And as an Art Nouveau lover, it's a scandal I haven't been to Prague!
Hope you're having a good weekend; raining and icky in Stuttgart. :-)


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