Tuesday, May 18, 2010

chateau d'Enghien

This beautiful castle is one of the nicest one of Belgium, I know it's not the only one, but I think the scale of the house is perfect. The parc is huge, but thats another story :-)
We we're there because of an antiques fair. The theme was porcelain. Do I have to say that everything was just wonderful??? The place was fantastic and every nice room was full of beautiful objects.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I took them :-)


Greet said...

Dank je David voor de mooie foto's van het kasteel van Edingen. Ik wou er eigenlijk ook naar toe gaan maar had te weinig tijd!
Dankzij jou kon ik toch nog genieten! Het is een prachtig kasteel! Wat hebben we hier toch wel pareltjes in België niet?!

Reggie Darling said...

Es ist fantastisch!

lindaraxa said...

What a beautiful place to display what must have been a fabulous exhibit. Is this a private chateau?

Anci said...

Yes, I have enjoyed them everyone. It's a very beautiful castle.

Have a nice weekend !


Cashon&Co said...

oh to sip champagne whilst on the balcony of a castle and looking at it's boxwood maze..... *sniff *sniff...I'm a little jealous here.
I'm drinking root beer looking at the telephone pole that looks like it was planted in my backyard.
and killing mosquitoes. in the house. in my pajamas.

david john said...


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Ja greet, Pareltjes mag je ze noemen ;-)


the.neo.lifestyle said...


Thanks, it was even nicer than the pic's believe me :-)


the.neo.lifestyle said...


indeed its the biggest event with ceramics in europe.
the castle is from the town, but maybe for sale soon.


the.neo.lifestyle said...


No stress one day you will also do this :-)

In belgium there are so many castles that there is always a party somewhere. this weekend normally I will drink again champagne at a castle, and even better than enghien :-)



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