Saturday, February 27, 2010

Decorating will be my dead cause!!!

God, 2010 will be crazy for me. I knew it would be special, but like that :-s
My personal side changed a bit and I share my live with somebody :-). The fact is that we don't share only our time and live but also our living spaces. So huge interior project!!!! I have a lot of furniture and my friend also, so together we can fill several shops :-).
Last weeks I wasn't online because I was always decorating, on dinner or on travel (perfect mix).
But today I decided I need to make some time for my little blog. For the moment we were working on the living room. Yesterday afternoon Costermans delivered our last purchase a wonderful huge cristal chandelier. we fell in love when we saw it. We're redoing the room in white gold and the wall will be hung with a red damask. So the whole house is a big mess for the moment. Enjoy it, soon new pictures of results.


Trouvais said...

How exciting. Love all the how your look is shaping up. Thanks for the glimpse! Trish

Lovely Home said...

I see here really house to land disputes and equipment and the crystal chandelier is amazing ... I look forward to the rest of the pictures
Yours and a nice weekend (:

Madelief said...

Gefeliciteerd! Wat leuk dat je je levenspartner hebt gevonden. Wat wonen jullie in een prachtig huis! Die hoge plafonds en lambriseringen zijn zo mooi, evenals jullie nieuwe kroonluchter. Een goede keuze!! Ik ben benieuwd hoe jullie woonkamer er straks uit komt te zien. Succes met klussen.

Fijn weekend!

Groetjes van Madelief

Unknown said...

jajaja.. kzie dat in orde komt....
Tegen u verjaardag komen we een dikke kalkoen eten he aan u luxe tafel.

Enneuuu ge ga u lelijke rode bloem uit de afrik daar toch ook nie ophangen he?

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Sounds exciting! You have a beautiful space; I can hardly wait to see the end result.

Anci said...

I hope not :)

Congrats to the new things in your life ! I'm glad for you.


Anonymous said...

David, poepie, we moeten nog is ene gaan drinken want ik ben al lang ni meer mee he. Is da nu bij uwe shoe thuis of is er een 3e appartement?

Unknown said...

eeee waarom moet mijn kommentaar eerst goedgekeurd worden?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ - that's gonna be on GRAND room! Bravo and good luck on the new relationship!

Greet Lefèvre said...

Everything will be gorgeous! I am sure! If I see the wall paneling, the BEAUTIFUL chandlier,....
Don't forget to post a few pictures of the result! I would love to see it!

Greet said...

Good evening all,

Thanks for the positive attitude :-)

Everyday is a very busy one, but I am glad I can share that with someone and also with all of you :-)


Akissfromthepast said...

This will look so wonderful! i love the doors and the Crystal chandelier !!!!! you have excellent taste!


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